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Judgment Processing Service




Key Benefits

There is no up front money to the judgment holder. We  front all research costs.
We file all the necessary court papers, liens, garnishments, and collect your money.
The judgment holder has no contact with the debtor!
We will keep you updated on our progress in collecting your judgment.
You will get your money as we collect it--you do not have to wait until the judgment is satisfied.
We keep track of the expiration date of your lien --most people forget to do this.
We petition the judge to add all the costs of collecting your judgment--onto the judgment total.
We petition the court to add accrued interest to your judgment total--on a regular basis.


Our global databases have access to most public and private records. We only use search databases that are continually updated and current. Our staff is highly qualified in skip tracing and asset location. We provide great communication during the search, and we make sure that you are kept current on our research efforts.

Person Location
We skip trace to find last addresses, phones numbers, employers, credit cards etc.
Asset Location
Our data bases search for real estate, personal property, bank accounts,  and other assets using both public and private records.
Legal Documentation
We file all the necessary legal papers, liens, and garnishment papers for you.
Collection of Funds
Money is dispersed to you as we receive it. You do not have to wait until the entire judgment is satisfied to start receiving your money.


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