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        Child Support Recovery

We use our global databases to locate your ex-partner and all his/her assets to pay your past due child support. We then work within the law to garnish,  lien and sell those assets and send you and your children the money. We do not require any up front money from you to start our research. We pay all the up front costs to start our search. If we can not locate the missing partner or any of their assets then we don't collect either. 

Judgment Recovery Service

We buy uncollected judgments for a minimal fee (legally it is necessary for our name to be on the judgment). Then using our vast databases, we locate the debtor, his income, bank accounts, real estate, automobiles, aircraft, boats, personal property, and any cash. We pay all research fees so there is no up front costs for the judgment holder. These assets are then garnished, or sold for the amount of the judgment-- plus annual accrued interest (this varies by state but it is usually 10% per annum). The collected amount is then divided 50%-50% between us and  the original judgment holder. Most judgments have a life or 8-10 years-- then they expire. This is a perfect service for that judgment that seems uncollectable.

        Employment Screening

We also provide background checks and pre-employments screening.  All searches are confidential and private. This service is available for any state. Please call us and let us know what type of pre-employment information you need and we can provide you with pricing.



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